IPA and Sustainable Design

Irving Pitcher Architects is committed to the latest in green building practices. Bob is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional and Jim has completed training with LEED Canada for Homes. We have long incorporated sustainable technology such as recycled timber, solar and geothermal power, green roofs, water recovery systems and “green” products into our designs.

What is a “sustainable” home?
A sustainable home uses less energy, water and natural resources than a conventional home and it will create less waste and be healthier for its inhabitants. It is a home designed, built and operated with low environmental impacts that will enhance the quality of life for its inhabitants.  Your home’s sustainability can be established and enhanced during design and construction by:

· Incorporating sustainable, healthy and local materials and furnishings.

· Incorporating energy-efficient features such as natural lighting and ventilation, good insulation, energy saving appliances, cool roofs and high performance heating systems.

· Incorporating water-efficient features;

· Reusing existing buildings and materials;

· Managing construction waste through reducing and reusing waste materials;

· Preserving and enhancing vegetation; 

The net cost of a “green” or “sustainable” home is comparable to that of a conventional home. 

LEED and LEED for Homes Canada

Some homeowners and residential developers choose to have the green credentials of their home certified through an independent third party audit such as LEED and LEED Canada for Homes. Bob Irving is a LEED accredited professional, and we are looking forward to creating homes under the umbrella of these programs. 

Links and Resources

The following links will provide additional information about the design and construction of sustainable homes in British Columbia: 

Canada Green Building Council <www.cagbc.org> An organization aimed at accelerating the design and construction of green buildings in Canada representing the design and building industry.

Cascadia Region Green Building Council <www.cascadiagbc.org> Green building events in the Pacific Northwest and information on the Living Building Challenge.